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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

How and when do I order my machine supplies?

A customer can order online or by phone using their equipment ID#.  A spare set of supplies are provided at the time of install.  When the spare supply item is used, it is time to re-order.

How do I keep up with my account?

You can easily view the activity on your account by signing up for a login through our web site.  Here you can submit meter readings, pay your bill, view your invoice history or schedule a service call.

How do I get a meter reading?

To obtain your meter readings press the Counter Check button on the control panel of your copier.  Depending on the version of your machine there may be two Totals showing.

For a Black/White machine, if Total 1 and Total 2 are displayed, we need Total 2.  If only Total 1 is displayed, we need Total 1.

For a Color machine, the readings we need are Total (Black 2), Total (Full Color + Single Color 2), and Total 2.

How do I replace the toner and/or waste toner bottle?

You can either follow the description/picture directions on the box of the replacement item or refer to the screen display on the machine for easy to follow instructions.

How do I get rid of black lines on copies?

Clean the thin vertical strip of glass (slit glass) located to the left of the main glass plate with window cleaner and non-abrasive cloth or paper towel.


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