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uniFLOW is designed to save you time and money by providing effective controls over your entire print and Multi-Function Printer (MFP) fleet. The uniFLOW solution can be built from several different components depending on your needs.


uniFLOW offers organizations the ability to:

  1. Track print and copy costs on networked MFPs, printers as well as locally connected desktop printers
  2. Perform secure pull printing at any printer simply by using employee badge or PIN Code
  3. Allow users to submit print jobs from their Smartphone (such as iPhones , Blackberry or Android) and tablets (iPad etc) 
  4. Allow users to release their print jobs securely using their Smartphone or tables as a means of authentication
  5. Route jobs from expensive local printers to inexpensive MFDs
  6. Change how jobs are printed based on rules
  7. Provide streamlined support for entire fleet with the support for non-MEAP enabled devices such as imageRUNNER 2500 series or imageRUNNER 1700 series and embedded applications for many popular 3rd party devices. Popular functionality such as Copy accounting, card authentication will be supported on 3rd party devices in future.
  8. Scan documents into back end document management systems as a highly compressed PDF or in an editable format
  9. Enhance document security by taking an image of each copy, print, fax or scan which can then be processed for restricted keywords
  10. Provide detailed device information such as meters, toner or error for efficient device management
  11. Integrate into backend billing systems via its SQL Connector (XML or CSV export)

Scalable to any size
uniFLOW fits perfectly with any size organization. It is available in different versions allowing a defined number of users to use the system. Its web-based architecture allows the software to be run over multiple buildings, locations or sites.

Modular Architecture 
The core functionality of uniFLOW can be extended with various additional modules. Each module provides exciting new features to the system that allow the benefits of uniFLOW to be extended into other parts of your business.

Real Time Analytics